Bleach - winter featuring J Brand

Anonymous said: Will you only do women's outfits?

Hi, sorry, I know you sent this a long while back but i have been crammed with family visits and doctor’s appointments so my focus was more on keeping the blog alive. Again, my apologies.

I tend to divide my outfits mentally as masculine or feminine rather than men’s and women’s because not every woman dresses with frilly femininity in mind and not every man likes rugged masculinity, y’know? Beyond that, it’s really an open concept that’s just to get the ideas flowing which means what I post is more like a template that you can edit until it suits your own personal style. And if you want to send in your own creations whether in selfies or polyvore format, that’s cool too, because it’d get different styles going on the blog. :)

Bleach - Winter featuring a wool coat
Bleach - Formal featuring long sleeve shirts
Bleach - Formal featuring Giuseppe Zanotti
Bleach featuring white high tops
Bleach featuring leather sandals
Weird Kids - Winter featuring Helmut Lang
Weird kids - Winter featuring black jeans
Weird Kids - Formal featuring a black blazer